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Sizing Chart

Please refer to the above sizing chart prior to making any purchases.

This sizing chart is deigned to provide a well fitted dress, without too much excess room. If you would like more 'growing room', please order the size up. As we sell a lot of dresses for occasions, weddings and parties, our sizing chart is built to provide an accurate fit at the time of measuring. 

Please note that different style dresses may fit differently on your child. A 'Full Back' dress is a smaller fit than our 'Mid Back'. 

If you need custom sizing, please let me know. Please leave a note at the 'cart' page, stating which size you child fits into - I.E. Size 3 chest, Size 2 height - if this information is provided to us, we will give you a size 3 bodice, with a size 2 skirt length, for example. Size tags on a dress will always reflect the bodice size. 

All garments are custom made to order, we are unable to provide a refund if you order the wrong size.