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Why choose organic?

Source: http://organiccottonplus.com


How do I know I am purchasing organic cotton?

Make sure that you are purchasing an organic product by paying attention to the organic certification status.

At BamBee Organic, we use cotton products carrying the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label. This means that the fabric used to make our product range has been certified by an independent party as meeting environmental and social standards required to be classified as ‘organic’ throughout the whole cotton production process (including from the farm field to the dyes and inks used).


What is the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton?

The production of regular cotton has a negative and unbalanced environmental impact. Conventional cotton monoculture cultivation relies on the heavy use fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides that promote chemical-resistant pests and pollutes the environment and reduces biodiversity. A typical cotton crop needs a lot of water and intensive irrigation can lead to degraded soil fertility, and the dyes that can be used in an uncontrolled production phase can exacerbate negative environmental impacts.

In addition to ecosystem consequences, there is a large social and community cost as concentrated chemical application – especially in poorer countries – affects the health of inadequately equipped farmers.

Organic cotton is a pesticide-free, environmentally sustainable and ethical choice alternative to regular cotton. The production practices of growing and developing organic cotton use far less natural resources, better preserves soil fertility and cleaner waterways, leaving behind a smaller agricultural footprint supporting a more biodiverse ecosystem and healthier communities.

The supply of cotton conventionally grown far exceeds that which is organically produced, and the environment and people pay for that. Be proud to set an example for a better tomorrow and choose organic cotton for the next generation to wear – drive the demand for the safer and more environmentally friendly option.


Source: www.global-standard.org